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Suits Against Cities & State

Every lawsuit can involve potential challenges and obstacles. When filing suit against a government agency, a school or another public entity, there are a number of unique challenges. Your lawyers must be able to anticipate and account for these challenges to give your case the best chance of success.

Based in Burlington, Clark, Werner & Flynn P.C., represents individuals, families and others in lawsuits against the state of Vermont, municipalities and schools. We are one of the few law firms in the state with extensive experience bringing lawsuits against government agencies. Our attorneys have meaningful experience representing clients in all types of claims, including:

  • Personal injury - We serve individuals who have been injured in any type of incident involving government or school property,  government or school employees, and government or school actions.
  • Civil rights - We represent clients whose civil rights have been violated under state or federal law. These cases can involve many issues, including the First Amendment, abuse of prisoners' rights, police brutality and discrimination.

Overcoming Immunity

Unlike businesses or individuals, government agencies are immune from certain lawsuits. It is nearly a certainty that any government agency responsible for harming you will claim immunity in an attempt to avoid responsibility.  If a government entity prevails on its claims of immunity, the case is dismissed before trial. Our attorneys have significant experience challenging immunity claims. We understand how to overcome these procedural and substantive obstacles to help our clients get their cases to a jury.

Our lawyers have successfully handled a number of these cases and will be fully prepared to present a powerful case before a judge and jury if necessary.  Of course, if it is possible to achieve successful results for our clients without trial, we will do so.