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"Clark Werner & Flynn lawyers are very professional, courteous, effective and invaluable. In going through a difficult divorce Catherine and Lisa were awesome in helping me prepare and obtain documents, walk me through the process as we started and as it continued to drag on. They were available to answer questions on any day, at any time and they made sure that I received what I was entitled to. Catherine and Lisa are game changers and have the experience to take care of you."

~ Renee D.

"When I came to Lisa Werner to retain her as my pre-nuptial lawyer, I was the underdog in need of a lawyer who would advocate for me while I fought this uphill battle. Through her quick responses and strategic solutions, Lisa proved that she was in my corner both professionally and personally. She took my case seriously from the beginning, thoroughly reviewing every aspect of the agreement in order to provide the best legal advice. She was willing to work through many different approaches and invent creative solutions to the stipulations. Her ingenuity allowed me the opportunity to accrue my own wealth separately from my husband and his corporation, proving that she cared about my future well-being beyond our current lawyer/client transaction. Not only did she offer sound legal advice, she also offered personal advice to guide me through the pre-nup process. She helped me see my relationship through a different perspective by allowing me to focus on my own goals and desires while still keeping my intended marriage equal and intact. I would highly recommend Lisa to any client, as my case is a testament to the fact that she is an efficient, caring, and strategic lawyer that will give you the time and attention you need to achieve your goals."

~ Tracy M.

"I have had both Catherine Clark and Lisa Werner for attorneys and they have been amazing in handling all three of my cases. Catherine Clark helped me through a stressful divorce and we were the first to obtain shared retirement benefits through my husband’s company. She advocated for me when I was most vulnerable. Lisa Werner saw me through two more legal issues. One was a lawsuit for a slip and fall, in which we won a fair settlement for my physical injury. She also alerted me that I was eligible to obtain an annuity that can only be obtained during these types legal actions. It was excellent advise and I'm now receiving monthly checks. The second case involved my grandson and took 3 years to resolve. The money and the outcome was well worth it. Lisa and her firm earned every cent and more on this case. Lisa was persistent but patient, she knew when to advocate and when to hold back and wait. She was honest about our chances of gaining custody which was hard to hear at times but realistic, based on the circumstances. When we wanted to react she advised us to just let the process unfold and the truth will become evident. In the end the judge came to understand that truth and awarded us custody of our grandson and we have since adopted him. He is now growing and thriving in a safe and stable environment. A life has been saved because of the legal advice of Lisa Werner and her firm. Her knowledge of the law, her understanding of the court system and the judges who serve, along with her calm and realistic approach makes her an outstanding lawyer."

~ G.Z.

"Having many years of experience in insurance claims, including litigation of contested claims, there is no greater asset than to have a knowledgeable insurance defense litigator. Attorney Susan Flynn has always provided trusted service. Susan will clearly outline both the strengths and risks of your case. She works tirelessly to obtain the best outcome possible. As a litigator, Susan is always prepared, and will not leave a stone unturned when arguing liability. Susan has successfully tried and subrogated numerous cases on our behalf. Susan keeps you informed throughout the entire process, and will make herself available to accommodate your schedule and discuss any claim. The support staff at Clark, Werner & Flynn also deserve tons of credit. They are responsive and make certain that no deadlines are missed, and that information is provided to the client."

~ N.E.