Helpful Legal Links and Resources

At Clark, Werner & Flynn, P.C., we represent our clients in a variety of legal matters.  Some of our clients are themselves legal professionals.  Others are very knowledgeable about the area of law and the legal help they need.  Most of our clients, however, are not knowledgeable when they first seek our help.  

One of our goals for any first consultation all the way up to a long-term representation is to empower our clients.  If you look up empowerment, many define it as providing legal power.  While we can’t promise to give a client true legal power, we believe that any legal power begins with an understanding of the legal situation.  From our perspective, good lawyers help their clients understand their legal situations so that clients can make good decisions.    

With this in mind, the following are some links to free online resources, for those who want to take a look.  These links are not a substitute for a lawyer, of course, and we have no expectation that anyone will do research prior to a consultation.  However, these are interesting links with lots of information, for those who are curious. 

State of Vermont Judiciary Homepage:

Vermont Courts Online lets you check the court calendar for a particular court, date, or attorney:

Vermont Supreme Court Decisions:

Supreme Court of the United States Opinions:

The Vermont Bar Association:

Vermont Office of the Attorney General: 

The Vermont Department of Banking and Insurance is now called the Department of Financial Regulation.  This is the link to the Insurance Division:

Vermont Department of Labor:

US Dept of Labor Whistleblower Protection Programs:

Vermont Family Network legal resources page:

University of Vermont Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy:

St. Michael’s College Sexual Misconduct policies:

Champlain College Sexual Misconduct policies:

Vermont Legal Aid:

South Royalton Legal Clinic:

Domestic Violence Resources:

Vermont DMV legal information page: